Leather and Vinyl Restoration Before and After Photos


Cool 70s Leather Recliner



This “modern” leather chair had been well loved since 1970. The armrests were dry, cracked and worn from sunlight exposure, body oils and lack of hydration. We started with a good cleaning to remove dirt, then filled cracks, matched original color, and finished it with an authentic sheen.


Leather Chair


Leather office chair with severe seat damage from age and wear. Leather was repaired and refinished, saving a trip to the upholstery shop for complete cover replacement. Leather and Vinyl Restoration repaired and refinished, matched original color and satin sheen to the chair.

Hawker 800 Business Charter Jet


IMG_0786    IMG_0794

Owner / Pilot of this charter Hawker wanted to spruce up his jet for resale. The seats had been refinished once before by another company with the wrong color. We removed the old refinish during our thorough cleaning process. Next, we matched the color underneath and repaired wear damage. Restored to the original color and sheen, the refurbished seats look like new and will provide a service life of up to 80% of the original covers.

Residential Sectional

IMG_0274    IMG_0277

This leather sectional fell off the moving truck onto the pavement completely removing some of the leather from the back corner. We  patched in new leather to make the  repair, blending in texture and matching sauvage colors to create a nearly invisible repair.

Bentley Driver’s Seat

IMG_0327    IMG_0353

The driver seat of this Bentley Arnage was extremely dirty with color transfer from clothing. Original finish was beginning to crack and peel. Notice the contrasting brown welt edge cord with missing color in the before picture. Finished results are dramatic.

Italian-made Leather Sectional

Leather chair with cat claw damage    Leather chair after repair

Leather couch with sun damage    Leather sofa after repair

The seat cushions on this couch had become dry and cracked from the sun, and the color had worn off from years of use. The back of the couch had been marred by hundreds of cat claw pricks. Leather and Vinyl Restoration repaired the cat claw damage, rehydrated the leather all over, and recolored the seat cushions.

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