Aircraft Interior Leather and Vinyl Repair and Restoration Services

aircraft interior leather and vinyl repair services

Are you an aircraft owner, aircraft company or charter service fleet in need of interior work? Is the interior of your aircraft looking worn, dated or just not cleaning up well? Do you have new acquisitions that need to match your existing color scheme or corporate colors?

If you are looking to replace leather and vinyl in your aircraft, consider restoration. Leather and Vinyl Restoration offers expert cleaning, repair and refinishing that will restore interiors to an almost new appearance and wearability at a significantly reduced cost compared to new upholstery or seat replacement.


Pictured Below: Leather airplane seats before and after being recolored to match corporate brand standards

airplane seats before recoloring to match corporate colors
airplane seats after recolor to match corporate colors

Leather is susceptible to damage from sun fade, body oils, dirt and general aging. With use, leather develops wrinkles and stress lines where dirt collects. Average detailers or cleaning services are often unable to remove this collected dirt. Over time this soil imbeds itself into leather finish due to abrasion, general wear and lack of proper maintenance. If the leather has been inadequately cleaned without a quality conditioner applied regularly, leather becomes dry and will develop cracks and  seam separations.

With 25 years in the interior restoration business, we have seen it all. From poor color matches to inferior refinishes that crack, peel and wear off quickly. Aircraft owners, pilots, maintenance directors, maintenance managers, shop foremen, brokers and buyers rely on Leather & Vinyl Restoration to transform, restore and maintain their aircraft interiors.

Our process:

  • Evaluate and advise on best options
  • Perform deep cleaning
  • Strip existing finish if necessary
  • Repair scratches, holes and wear spots
  • Replace panels as needed
  • Create new covers
  • Prepare excellent color matches
  • Change existing colors on request
  • Refinish seats, interior trim, wall panels and small parts


FAA Burn Certified

Our finish has been burn tested to meet FAA requirements. Burn certificates provided on request.


We provide pickup and delivery.

cracked leather on airplane is repaired and recolored

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