About Leather and Vinyl Restoration

What we do

With Leather and Vinyl Restoration, you’ll find the best alternative to replacement of your damaged leather and vinyl upholstery. Worn leather and vinyl that have holes, scratches, rips, cuts, tears, gouges, scuffs, pet damage, and general wear can be restored to like-new condition. We thoroughly clean the entire upholstered surface then remove and/or refinish over ink stains and marks from other sources. Using rehydrating methods, we’ll recolor and recondition your sun-faded and sun-damaged leather to restore it from dry and stiff to soft and pliable conditions. You can restyle your existing upholstery by having it recolored (sometimes mistakenly referred to as dyeing or redyeing). Seams that are beginning to split or separate can be restitched.

By using state of the art resins and polymers it is possible to bond damaged leather back to itself, leaving little, if any, trace of damage. Precisely matched color is applied on top of the bonding material. Finally a contextual, or textural, match and sheen application completes the process. The repair is permanent and durable and will likely outlast the original leather.

What we don’t do

Convertible tops, headliners and dash board replacement. We can expedite panel replacement and whole cover fabrication with our professional network of crafts people and artisans.

Markets we serve


Car dealers have relied on the expertise of Leather and Vinyl Restoration to refurbish door panels and seats that are upholstered with leather, vinyl or fabric, making them desirable to the buyer and decreasing lot time.

Individual car owners log many miles over the years, and the car interior can show it. Leather and Vinyl Restoration knows how to repair auto interiors, erasing years of abuse.

Classic car collectors call on Leather and Vinyl Restoration to restore leather seats to historical conditions. Due to the age of an automobile and its seat material, it may be impossible to obtain original material for replacement. The professionals at Leather and Vinyl Restoration have excellent color matching skills, eliminating the need to reupholster.


Leather sofa, leather chair, leather couch, leather ottoman, leather recliner, leather love seat, leather sectional, leather table top. AND VINYL TOO! If it’s leather or vinyl, we’ll repair it, restore it or completely recolor it.

Commercial Furniture
Doctor’s offices, restaurants, businesses with reception areas and movie theaters often experience heavy wear. Along with repairs and stain removal, Leather and Vinyl Restoration can remove chewing gum, and most glues and adhesives.

Residential Furniture
You’ll have the option and convenience of in-home service, eliminating the burden of moving a heavy piece of furniture. Leather and Vinyl Restoration works with insurance and moving companies to address damage from transport.

Antique Furniture
Antique owners draw a fine line between preserving the “patina” and making a product look appealing. A new repair has potential to stand out on a weathered antique. The artists at Leather and Vinyl Restoration use creativity to restore damaged and missing material on otherwise irreplaceable furniture and art.


Boat enthusiasts maintain their investment in sailboats, yachts and speedboats. Leather and Vinyl Restoration offers boat owners the convenience of on-site repair services to preserve and restore leather and vinyl that has been stressed by weather conditions and heavy use.


Leather and Vinyl Restoration helps airplane owners keep their aircraft in top-flight conditions with quality leather care and repair. Our water-based, water-soluble and durable materials meet strict safety standards for the aircraft industry. The convenience of on-site service is a real plus.

Areas we serve

Our convenient mobile service comes to you, for both commercial and consumer accounts. We serve the entire Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina. For areas outside of the Piedmont Triad NC, contact us for our travel rates.

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4680 Audrey Dr.
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Leather and Vinyl Restoration is headquartered in Winston-Salem. However, our convenient mobile service comes to you, for both commercial and consumer accounts. We serve the entire Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina. For areas outside of the Piedmont Triad NC, contact us for our travel rates.